COMING SOON - Music Gear Pickup/Delivery


COMING SOON - Music Gear Pickup/Delivery


Beginning Winter 2017

At a gig and broke a string? Forgot something important? Stop by Lemon Lounge for all your last minute gig saving needs. Can't get to us? We'll come to you. Bicycle delivery available in the downtown and east side. 

A sneak peek of what we'll be carrying:

  • various strings
  • batteries
  • capos
  • straps
  • cables
  • DI boxes
  • picks
  • tape - electrical and Gaff
  • drum keys
  • high hat clutch
  • pedals
  • adaptors
  • extension chords
  • power strips
  • artist merch - available to local musicians during the month they've been booked at LL
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Full list of gear available for pick up and delivery and details will be posted in a formal announcement on October 20, 2017.